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Three Signs Veneers are Right for You

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If you’ve ever been enticed by the way veneers are capable of transforming someone’s smile, you’re not alone. Veneers allow dentists just like yours to change everything about the way your teeth look. The result? – A brand new smile that you’ve wanted for years. Teeth that are straighter, whiter, and lined up so great that people will think you’ve had braces. But are they right for you? Here are 3 things to keep in mind when you’re exploring the opportunities that veneers offer to your smile:

Healthy Teeth

Unlike crowns or fillings, veneers aren’t for the purpose of restoring diseased teeth. Cavities or severe structural damage to the enamel will need something more comprehensive when it comes to strengthening the teeth. Veneers will only the front portion of the tooth, so other areas need to be addressed accordingly.

Healthy Gums

To keep your teeth in place, healthy gums are a necessity. Gum disease causes gingival detachment and bone loss, which makes teeth get loose and eventually fall out. Even if your teeth are free of cavities, gum disease will destroy your smile. It’s important to have excellent gum health before investing in veneers. 

The Right Bite

Having the right bite doesn’t necessarily mean that your teeth have to be straight, but it does mean that the front teeth need to bite together the right way. If your teeth are biting end-to-end, this could potentially damage your veneers. A slight amount of overlap is needed before veneers can be bonded over the front teeth.

Still unsure whether or not veneers are an option? Not a problem! Book a quick exam with your dentist to find out more about your choices.

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