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Make Your Dental Fillings Last as Long as Possible!

Making your dental restorations last isn’t difficult; they need the same care and attention that your natural teeth do. Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene Dental restorations tend to fall out prematurely due to decay. So brushing and flossing will prevent new cavities from forming around or under your fillings. The key is to be thorough. Floss […]

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Temporary Dental Crown Aftercare: What You Need to Know

You’re still numb from the anesthetic. Your dentist has prepped your tooth down to fit under a new restoration. It’s been capped with a plastic or metal temporary crown. What’s the next step? Here’s what you need to know. Take Medications as Directed Your dentist will give you instructions on taking medications for reducing pain […]

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How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get Dentures After Getting Your Teeth Pulled?

Transitioning from natural teeth to dentures isn’t easy. Adding to your anxiety, you’re wondering how long you’ll be without teeth until you can start wearing your finished denture. Is it possible to get dentures immediately after your teeth are extracted? Well, the answer can be yes and no depending on your situation. Healing Period for […]

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Chamblee GA Dentist

Do you think you need to improve your overall dental health? If you answered yes, then contact our Chamblee GA dentists today. Our dental care professionals are happy to schedule a detailed dental exam for you. Our family dentist will sit down with you and discuss any dental treatments that will benefit your overall dental health. This could a comprehensive dental cleaning or it could be that you need more advanced dental care services.

Chamblee Dental Care Services

It is important to note that our Chamblee GA dental care office can provide you with solutions to all your dental concerns. From dental treatments for gingivitis to dental implants, our dentist office has a full array of dental care services. Our modern and high-tech dental care office is stocked with state-of-the-art dental equipment to address your dental issues. Whatever your dental needs, our dentist will fully explain your dental issues and develop a customized dental care plan to have you on your way to great dental health.

If you or someone in your family wants a brighter, straighter or better looking smile, our dental professionals can deliver the most in-depth dental care services. Our family dentist can perform cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and dental crowns to help achieve a perfect smile. Should you require more extensive restorative dental services, we can provide bridges, partials and dental implants. Our dentist office works hard to ensure our patients are treated to quality dental care services in a warm, relaxing environment with compassion and assurance.

Family Dentistry

If you are looking to maintain or improve your dental health or simply want the smile of your dreams, contact our Chamblee GA dentist today to get started on the path to healthier teeth and gums. We take pride in providing the best in dental care services while delivering the most pleasant dental experience possible. We look forward to hearing from you.