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What’s the Difference Between Dental Crowns and Veneers?

Both veneers and crowns replace a portion of your tooth’s outer layer. They can both be placed for cosmetic purposes. They can also both be placed on front teeth…but that’s where the list of similarities ends. Purpose The reason you would get a dental veneer may differ from the reason you need a crown. They […]

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Top 4 Oral Hygiene Aids for Braces

The better you take care of your teeth while wearing braces, the better your outcome will be. Certain tools can make it easier for you to keep your braces clean and your teeth healthy during treatment. Powered Toothbrush The vibrating motion of electric brushes frees plaque from hard-to-reach places. This makes it easier for you […]

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Is it Safe to Get a Dental Filling While Pregnant?

In most cases, an untreated cavity is more dangerous to a pregnancy than getting a filling. How Safe Are Dental Fillings? If you need a filling that can’t wait until after your baby is born, then you can safely get one during the second trimester of your pregnancy. This is a time when it’s most […]

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Gaffney SC Dentist

If you are looking for expert dental care for you and your family in Gaffney, you have come to the right place! Our dental professionals offer the kind of extensive dental care services necessary for the best results possible. Whether you are in need of general dentistry or if you are looking for more comprehensive dental care, our Gaffney SC dentist provides the top quality dental care services you deserve for excellent dental health.

Gaffney Dental Care Services

Our Gaffney SC dental care office utilizes the latest in dental care technology and expertise to provide the most complete dental care services available. Our family dentist will provide a personalized dental care plan that will address any dental concerns you may have. We realize that some patients dread visiting a dentist office and will do everything we can to deliver the most pleasant dental experience. Our dentist office can also provide sedation dentistry to help those patients feel as comfortable as possible during any dental care treatments.

We understand that the modern family is not limited to needing only a few dental cleanings and checkups each year. Our dental care professionals know that you need to be able to turn to a family dentist for emergency dental care as well as planned dental care. Our dental practice offers a complete line of dental care services to handle all your dental needs. Our dentist can provide cosmetic and restorative dentistry to help clean, brighten and straighten your teeth. You can rely on our dental staff to deliver the best possible dental care service to help maintain or improve your dental health.

Family Dentistry

Contact our Gaffney SC dentist for a dental appointment and to discuss any of the questions or concerns you may have about your or your family’s dental needs. We strive to deliver the most comprehensive dental care services in a warm, relaxing environment. We look forward to hearing from you today.