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Why You Need to Keep Your Dentures in Water

Why is soaking a denture overnight so important? It could affect the long term fit of your prosthesis! Water Prevents Staining Soaking your dentures prevents food and plaque stains from sinking in. It’s even better if you can keep your dentures in a cleaning solution. Soaking also inhibits bacterial growth. Water Protects Your Denture A […]

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What Makes a Periodontist Different from a Regular Dentist?

Did you know that there are more than six to seven kinds of dentist? That’s right – there are dentists who focus on restoring teeth and others who focus on other structures in the mouth. A periodontist is a dental specialist who specializes on everything below the gum line. He or she has several more […]

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What Is TMJ?

Have you ever heard someone complain that they have “TMJ?” Could you possibly have it? Here’s what you should know about the condition commonly referred to as TMJ. What Is Your TMJ? “TMJ” is an abbreviation that refers to the temporomandibular joint. This joint is found where your jaw attaches to your skull. There are […]

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