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If Your Gums Are Bleeding, It’s Probably for One of These Reasons

Bleeding gums may come as a shock if you’ve never experienced it before. On the other hand, your gums may bleed so often that you feel it’s normal. Bleeding gums are anything but normal, however. Your dentist will help you figure out whether one of the following causes are behind your unhappy gum tissues. Gum […]

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Is Jaw Alignment Surgery Right for You?

A misaligned jaw is when the mandible is too big or too small to evenly line up the upper and lower teeth. Sometimes, the upper arch is at fault. Either way, it’s a bad bite that can’t be corrected by straightening the teeth with orthodontics. The solution is to surgically correct the jaw positioning. Do […]

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6 Reasons You Should Get an Implant Supported Denture

An implant denture or overdenture rests on dental implants instead of directly on your gums. The implants attach to the base of the denture to keep it from slipping around. Getting implants to secure your denture is a relatively minimally-invasive procedure. On top of that, there are several great benefits to anchoring your prosthesis in […]

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Johnson City TN Dentist

If you have a bit of anxiety or apprehension whenever you visit the dentist, let our Johnson City TN dental care office show you how pleasant your dental experience can be. We are a modern and highly-trained dental practice that can provide you and your family with a full range of dental care services. Whether you need a root canal or regular dental cleanings, our dentist has the expertise and compassion necessary to deliver quality dental care services in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Johnson City Dental Care Services

Our Johnson City TN family dentist understands that many of our patients are nervous about a visit to the dentist. Because of this, our dental care professionals work hard to create the most comforting environment possible. Our dentist is willing to help you overcome any issues that cause apprehension in the first place. You will receive personalized dental care services to help put your mind at ease about any necessary dental treatments. Additionally, our dental practice offers sedation dentistry for patients that are extremely sensitive to dental treatments in order to help them relax.

Because we are a full service dental care office, we can perform dental care services that range from a simple checkup to a complete smile makeover. Our cosmetic dentistry services include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and dental crowns. If you need help with broken or missing teeth, we offer restorative dentistry such as dental implants, bridges and cavity fillings. Our dental care practice prides itself on delivering superior dental care services with complete patient assurance.

Family Dentistry

Contact our Johnson City TN dentist today to schedule an appointment. Our dental care professionals will be happy to address any dental concerns and help you maintain or improve your overall dental health. Find out how our experienced dentist will provide quality dental care services without the anxieties or nervousness that might have been a problem in the past.