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Can You Have Dental Sedation While Pregnant?

Seeing a dentist during your pregnancy usually isn’t a problem, especially for preventive care. However, more routine “work” might need to be postponed until after delivery. What if you absolutely need treatment? Such as if you’re experiencing severe pain or a dental emergency? In some cases, treatment can’t wait. Simply letting a serious dental or […]

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4 Questions You Have About Your Child’s New Adult Teeth

Your child’s new adult teeth are beginning to come in. Naturally, as a parent, you worry about their dental health. Here are 4 common questions and answers about your child’s new permanent teeth: Why do my child’s new teeth have bumpy edges? These bumps are called “mamelons,” and are completely normal. They wear off with […]

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3 Simple Floss Alternatives

Is flossing more a form of torture than just a daily chore? Some people genuinely have a hard time flossing. Flossing challenges typically include: Having fingers too large to fit in your mouth Limited jaw opening Sensitive gag reflex Limited hand dexterity Very crooked and tightly overlapping teeth Braces or other fixed appliances If you […]

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Cedar Park, TX Chipped Tooth Repair

Even healthy, strong teeth are subject to damage. If you’ve chipped or cracked a tooth, let the expert dental team of Rock Point Family Dentistry care for you. We are proud to be a modern dental practice in Cedar Park that is equipped to meet all your dental care needs under one roof. Our dentists are trained in general and pediatric dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and orthodontics.

While you may not be experiencing pain from your chipped tooth, it still needs prompt attention. When the outer structures of a tooth are compromised, the tooth is at risk for decay and infection. Neglecting to repair a cracked or chipped tooth may result in painful sensitivity and worsening damage to the tooth. At Rock Point Family Dentistry, we can comfortably and effectively restore a fractured tooth back to its original appearance and strength. As general and cosmetic dentists, we understand the importance of a healthy, beautiful smile.

As Cedar Park’s most trusted emergency dentist, we make every effort to treat your chipped tooth as soon as possible. You can expect to be met with superior, patient-centered care while you are here. We offer a beverage bar, children’s play area and warm blankets to help you feel at home as well as sedation dentistry to eliminate the pain from your procedure. Depending on the size of the tooth damage, your treatment may include simple dental bonding, a custom crown, root canal, or porcelain veneer. Regardless of your age or the severity of your concern, we promise a rewarding experience.

Call now to schedule your chipped tooth repair at Rock Point Family Dentistry. To help you afford your unexpected dental repairs, ask us about our in-network insurance plans, CareCredit financing and other flexible payment options.

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