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Can You Have Dental Sedation While Pregnant?

Seeing a dentist during your pregnancy usually isn’t a problem, especially for preventive care. However, more routine “work” might need to be postponed until after delivery. What if you absolutely need treatment? Such as if you’re experiencing severe pain or a dental emergency? In some cases, treatment can’t wait. Simply letting a serious dental or […]

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4 Questions You Have About Your Child’s New Adult Teeth

Your child’s new adult teeth are beginning to come in. Naturally, as a parent, you worry about their dental health. Here are 4 common questions and answers about your child’s new permanent teeth: Why do my child’s new teeth have bumpy edges? These bumps are called “mamelons,” and are completely normal. They wear off with […]

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3 Simple Floss Alternatives

Is flossing more a form of torture than just a daily chore? Some people genuinely have a hard time flossing. Flossing challenges typically include: Having fingers too large to fit in your mouth Limited jaw opening Sensitive gag reflex Limited hand dexterity Very crooked and tightly overlapping teeth Braces or other fixed appliances If you […]

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Columbia, IL Chipped Tooth Repair

A chipped tooth can pose threats to your overall comfort and confidence. Depending on how large the tooth fracture is and where it is located in your mouth, you may experience irritations on your tongue or cheek. You may also have sensitivity or pain when eating. A visibly chipped tooth can also cause you to hide your smile. Columbia Dental Center is where families in Columbia turn for quick and affordable chipped tooth repair.

At Columbia Dental Center, we specialize in your smile. Our dentists, Dr. Rick Leppo and Dr. Lori Trost, are able to treat patients of all ages with a full range of dental services. When it comes to chipped tooth repair, we know that time is of the essence. While you may be anxious to regain a smile that looks better, it is also important to treat tooth damage before it compromises your dental health. Left alone, a chip or crack in a tooth can create an open invitation for bacteria and acid to enter the inner portion of the tooth. This can lead to infection, decay and other unwanted problems.

When choosing our Columbia practice to handle your chipped tooth, you can expect an excellent experience from start to finish. We pride ourselves on the following:

  • Comfort Dentistry – Beyond our modern amenities, our dentists are qualified to offer a full menu of options in sedation dentistry, including IV sedation. We can help your anxious child or special needs family member feel at ease during chipped tooth repair.
  • Efficient Dentistry – We use advanced dental technology to expedite your procedures. If a dental crown is needed to repair your damaged tooth, we can do it in a single visit using our CEREC machine.
  • Affordable Dentistry – We know your chipped tooth wasn’t a planned or predicted expense. That’s okay. We offer flexible payment options, including financing plans for patients who do not have dental insurance.

Do you have a chipped, cracked or broken tooth? Let us repair it. We know that dental accidents happen, and we want to be the professionals you call when your smile needs restoration. Call Columbia Dental Center to schedule your chipped tooth repair appointment today.

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