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What Is Endodontic Treatment? Do You Need It?

“Endo-” means inside and “-dont” refers to tooth. This means that “endodontic” involves the nerve inside a tooth. As such, an endodontist is someone who specializes in treating the inside of teeth. Endodontic treatment, or therapy, involves treatment inside the tooth, rather than the outside. Most commonly, it involves a root canal. What Happens During […]

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What Are Dental Crowns For?

Dental crowns are an important and well-known dental procedure, just about as popular as fillings. Why would you need one? Here are the main reasons to get a dental crown. Cavities That Are Too Big for Fillings Fillings can weaken teeth if they’re too large. So some cavities automatically need to be upgraded to a […]

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The Link Between Stress and Gum Disease

Research shows that if you’re stressed out, then your gum health may be in danger. How Stress Affects Your Gums There seem to be a couple of ways in which high anxiety levels can make your oral health deteriorate: Stress raises cortisol levels, which in turn lower your body’s immune system and increase inflammation in […]

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