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A chipped tooth can be a threat to your comfort, your self-confidence and even your oral health. Regardless of how big the fracture is or which tooth is affected, a chipped tooth always needs to be evaluated by a professional. At Atlantic Dental Partners, we are proud to serve Jamaica Plain residents with modern, full-service dental care. This includes services that will promptly repair your chipped tooth while providing a seamless blend within your smile.

When the outer enamel of a tooth is chipped, cracked or broken, the health of the tooth is in danger. To prevent infection or decay, the tooth must be restored. At Atlantic Dental Partners, we offer some of the most advanced and quickest solutions available. We can fix minor chips in a matter of minutes using strong, tooth-colored bonding material. For teeth that have suffered more substantial damage, a root canal and/or dental crown may be suggested. Rest assured that our CEREC technology allows us to provide permanent, custom-fit crowns in a single visit. We know that your smile plays several important roles and that time is of the essence when it comes to fixing a damaged tooth.

To ensure we are available when you need us most, Atlantic Dental Partners has a team of highly qualified dentists who offer extended weekday hours and same day treatments. Our office can even present payment options and financing plans if you are not covered by dental insurance. We want to make your experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

To learn more about Atlantic Dental Partners or to schedule your chipped tooth repair in Jamaica Plain, please call today. We are currently accepting new patients of all ages!

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Malden, Massachusetts 02148

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