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Providing oral and overall health benefits, professional teeth cleanings and dental checkups help prevent tooth decay, cavities and ultimately tooth loss, while brightening one’s smile. Yet, teeth cleanings also help individuals save money, as they allow dentists to detect problems at their earliest, most treatable stage, before expensive repairs and treatments are needed. With a reputation for excellence in teeth cleanings and checkups in Brookhaven, Elegant Smiles knows what it takes to keep your oral health in top condition.

Elegant Smiles performs comprehensive teeth cleanings, including a thorough examination of teeth and gums. Using a gentle approach, we remove plaque and tartar buildup, bacteria and tooth stains. With a high value on the doctor-patient relationship, we instruct and guide patients throughout their visit, so that they understand what to expect. Digital x-rays are taken periodically to help chart each patient’s oral health. Doing so helps map out patients’ future dental care needs, including orthodontics and other treatments.

As a completely digital practice, Elegant Smiles is led by Dr. Ryo Hosaka, and has adopted the latest in dental technologies to provide ultimate comfort and satisfaction to patients of all ages throughout Brookhaven. Aside from our expansive menu of general dental care, we offer sophisticated services in restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. Are you hoping to rebuild your smile with custom dentures, dental implants or implant restorations? Perhaps you’re seeking an artistic and appealing solution with teeth whitening, composite fillings, dental bridges or porcelain veneers. Maybe you’re looking for a family-oriented practice with amenities for children, or advanced options for teeth straightening using clear aligner orthodontic therapy.

Whatever your dental needs are, Dr. Hosaka and the team of professionals at Elegant Smiles believe that a healthy and elegant smile begins with regular teeth cleanings and dental checkups. To keep your oral health in check, contact Elegant Smiles today.

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1955 Cliff Valley Way NE #100
Atlanta, Georgia 30329

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