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4 Questions You Have About Your Child’s New Adult Teeth

Your child’s new adult teeth are beginning to come in. Naturally, as a parent, you worry about their dental health. Here are 4 common questions and answers about your child’s new permanent teeth: Why do my child’s new teeth have bumpy edges? These bumps are called “mamelons,” and are completely normal. They wear off with […]

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3 Simple Floss Alternatives

Is flossing more a form of torture than just a daily chore? Some people genuinely have a hard time flossing. Flossing challenges typically include: Having fingers too large to fit in your mouth Limited jaw opening Sensitive gag reflex Limited hand dexterity Very crooked and tightly overlapping teeth Braces or other fixed appliances If you […]

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Will it Hurt to Get a Dental Implant?

Getting an implant is no worse than having any other dental treatment. True, it’s a surgical procedure in your jaw, but it’s still more quick and comfortable than you may realize. Here’s why. You’ll Be Numb! As with any other dental treatment, your implant provider will ensure you are well numbed-up before the surgery begins. […]

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Montevallo Dentists

Montevallo Dentists

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