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Why Your Gum Health Matters

Your gums might seem to be the least important part of your smile. You probably never even pay attention to them until you get a popcorn kernel stuck between your teeth and need to floss, and then your gums bleed a little. Why should you be concerned about your gum health? Here are four important […]

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Why Do You Need a Crown After Getting a Root Canal?

Why is getting a dental crown after a root canal so important? Can the tooth just go without? Root Canals Restore…but Also Weaken Teeth A root canal involves removing an infected or damaged tooth, to eliminate all traces of the compromised nerves. Unfortunately, the process can knock out a lot of material from inside the […]

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Why Some People Need “Bone Grafting”

Bone grafting in dentistry is when an oral surgeon builds up weak areas in a person’s jaw with bone tissue or a similar substitute. The bone may be taken from your own body (autograft) or from a donor (allograft). Grafting isn’t just for the jaw; it can also repair defects on the upper half of […]

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