What Are the Best Braces Colors?

Published on: April 18, 2022
Teeth of a teenage girl wearing colored braces.

There was a time when the only color for braces was silver with plain bands. Now, the braces color wheel is expansive, giving patients many options in the style of their orthodontics. What are the best colors for braces? Here are some of the choices in braces colors and which may suit your personal style.

The part of the braces that can be changed in color is the small elastic bands that fit over the brackets. These ligatures are often changed every few weeks during visits to the orthodontist, which gives patients a chance to change braces colors. This can be a fun way to add some flair to your smile.

Braces Colors Wheel

Whatever color you love, it is likely on the braces colors wheel. When you visit the orthodontist, you will get a chance to see the many different colors you can choose from for your bands. Not only are there all the basic primary colors, but there are different shades of each color, from light pink to hunter green.

When looking at the color wheel, you need to consider many factors when choosing your colors. Which colors will look best on your smile? While you may have favorite colors, keep in mind that you will be wearing these colors for a month or longer. You want to choose the best braces colors for your style.

What Are the Best Braces Colors for You?

Should you pick your favorite colors, or braces colors that will look the best on you? There is a significance to colors, from representing your personality to improving your appearance. Some colors are considered more masculine, while others are more feminine. Here are some of the color traits.

When you want to embrace harmony, balance and growth, green is a great color. It represents health, growth and harmony, and can symbolize money and good luck. Darker greens like hunter are more masculine, while the softer or brighter greens are more feminine or neutral.
Blue is like your favorite blanket – it makes you feel secure, calm and confident. While it is a more conservative color, there is nothing wrong with showing reliability and honesty. Light blues like sky and baby are more feminine, while a navy blue is more masculine.
When you want to get someone’s attention, red is the color. While it can represent anger or passion, it always stimulates emotion. Red is considered more masculine, but anyone who is confident and courageous can pull off wearing red.

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Bright, cheery yellow is optimistic and positive. It stimulates creativity and learning while giving off high energy. Yellow can be soft and feminine, or bold and striking, depending on the hue.
Definitely considered a feminine color, pink is compassionate and playful. A soft pink is more comforting, while a hot pink is more joyful and fun. Pink can represent warmth and love, which are wonderful traits to portray.
Regal and mysterious, purple is an intriguing color to wear. It can stimulate the imagination and spirituality, linked with fantasy and creativity. Lavender and lilac are softer and feminine, while deep and darker purples are more masculine.
Elegance, sophistication and strength are all represented by black. While it can be intimidating and daunting, when worn with confidence it can show power. Black is a more masculine color, but can be seductive and elegant in a feminine way.
Dependable and honest, brown is a comfort color. It supports and blends, a very stable choice. While it can be considered dull, it is simple and wise, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Definitely more masculine than feminine, it represents a grounded individual.

What Colors Look Best on You?

Beyond what colors you like and what they represent, braces colors can also impact your overall appearance. You may want to consider what braces colors make your teeth look whiter or look best with your skin, hair or outfits. Some factors to consider include:

  • Dark colors can make your teeth look whiter
  • Choose colors that you often wear to match your clothing
  • Don’t choose a color you wouldn’t wear as a shirt
  • Consider matching your eyes
  • Choose a seasonal color that highlights your best features

While looking your best is important, many people want to use braces colors to show off their spirit. You can choose multiple colors to represent your favorite sports team or holiday to be festive. There are so many options, from what braces colors make your teeth look whiter to the current season’s colors.
a set of colored elastic bands
When it comes time to choose your ligature colors, consider the best braces colors for you. The good news is you will get many chances to try on different combinations from the braces colors wheel if you choose during your orthodontic treatment.

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