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Dental tips:

Lunch Ideas That Are Great For Smiles

Packing a lunch can save you several bucks a day, and makes it easier for you to be sure that you’re eating healthy options. As parents get ready to send their children back off to school, most of them are also considering ways to make a fun lunch that is also part of a balanced [...]

How to Keep Your Teeth Clean When You Wear Braces

One of the biggest challenges that are presented when you wear braces is how to keep your teeth as clean as possible. After all, even a few areas of missed plaque can cause white lines or circles to permanently develop across your teeth. Inadequate cleaning can also cause gingival inflammation, causing gums to swell and [...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Review Your Health History With Your Dentist

Going to the dentist for a dental cleaning and checkup or dental restoration treatment is just about your teeth….right? Not necessarily! There are more health conditions that affect your teeth and oral health than you might suspect. Your dentist might even be able to see signs and symptoms of certain health conditions not being controlled properly. The [...]