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Can Other People See My Dental Implants?

You want your dental treatment to look great. So does your dentist! Some types of prosthetic teeth look nothing like natural teeth. Recreating your smile with restorations like those found on dental implants isn’t just a science; it’s an art. Your dentist will create permanent restorations for your implants that look and feel as close [...]

Three Reasons Dental Implants are the Superior Choice

Missing teeth make it difficult to smile, interfere with speaking, eating, and allow our other teeth to shift out of place. If you’re like most dental patients, you want to replace your missing teeth as quickly and effectively as possible. In the past, this meant wearing a permanent bridge or a removable prosthesis like a [...]

What is a Denture Reline?

If you’ve had your denture for several years and have begun to notice it not fitting quite as snuggly as it used to, you might benefit from a denture reline. Denture relines are used to create a new surface area inside of the denture so that it seals securely when you place it into your [...]