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Why Your Child Needs Fluoride for a Healthy Smile

You’ve likely heard mixed opinions on the value fluoride has for dental health. There are individuals who believe fluoride is toxic. But the vast majority of dental professionals promote fluoride for its unequaled ability to prevent tooth decay. Which side you believe will affect the health of your family. Before you rule out fluoride use [...]

3 Ways to Promote Healing After Gum Surgery

Gum surgery is commonly performed to address issues such as periodontal disease or gum recession. Perhaps you’re planning to have a gingival, or gum, graft to replace the support and protection some of your teeth might have lost. Gum surgery is usually a very routine and uncomplicated process. Even so, how can you recover from [...]

Foods to Avoid to Keep Your Smile White

No one can deny that a clean white smile is a beautiful one! Often times, the foods we love to have pass our teeth are the very cause of the stain we dread. What foods should you try to limit to prevent the accumulation of stain? Dark Drinks Beverages tend to be the main source [...]